The Coaching Canvas - Samurai Coaching Dojo

Don't Just Admire Great Coaches - BECOME ONE

Understand on a deep level what happens in the sessions of the world's best coaches

Powerful, Deep, Transformative Coaching Deconstructed. 

Learn, practice, and master the four essential phases of any incredible coaching conversation


Create a powerful container and compelling context for the conversation


Confidently explore options and choose where to focus the energy of the conversation


Co-create impactful changes in your client's beliefs, perspectives, and being


Skillfully support your client's integration of the changes and actions 

Use the Deep Coaching Canvas to:

 - Study any coach you admire and decode their secrets

 - Identify what's missing from your coaching, counteract it, and make each session more powerful

- Develop a coaching model that's impactful, unique, and sets you apart


You'll Love the Deep Coaching Canvas if... 

- You've ever doubted your ability as a coach

- You've ever felt frustrated in a coaching session

- You've ever felt stuck in your skill or business growth

The Deep Coaching Canvas will help you... 

- 10X Your Client Results

- Become a better (& more confident) coach every day

- Win the best clients and turn pro

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