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Great Coaching Is THE Best Form Of Marketing

Training programs only take you so far with watered down, basic fundamentals.
Marketing programs only help you sell your services. But, it doesn’t matter how good the hype is. If your coaching sucks, you won’t make the money and the impact you crave in the long term.

This is why great coaching always wins. If you truly change someone’s life in a single conversation, they will never forget you.

We’ve had people start savings funds just to work with us. We’ve had single clients so impacted by our coaching they refer us to dozens of their friends, colleagues, and even their parents. There is no “selling” needed when the value of the service you offer is undeniably exceptional.

But you have to understand the difference between good vs great coaching and how to leverage it with your clients and prospects.

There’s a black hole between training and marketing programs. This is where coaches get lost in what we call the “Coaching Bubble” – an isolated vacuum of trial-and-error guessing between coach and clients or prospects.

Which is why we created an experiential accelerator we call the Samurai Coaching Dojo.

“Before the Dojo, I felt like I was good, but there was something missing that great coaches have. Honestly, there were a bunch of times when I considered hanging it up before the Dojo started. After completing the Dojo (and most importantly, a month to integrate everything), I feel like I’m playing fucking light years above where I was playing. Oh, and January has been my best month ever as a coach.”Mike Harris


Practicing The Art Of Deep Coaching

The Samurai Coaching Dojo is a virtual incubator for coaches to practice and develop the art of deep coaching.

We curate small groups based on level and growth interests for an intimate immersion made up of 6 coaches, healers, and practitioners devoted to mastering their craft.

These groups are led by 2 master coaches, each with vast knowledge of deep work and successful six-figure+ coaching practices: Toku McCree and Christina Salerno.

Christina Salerno

Christina Salerno is a leadership coach and “fear geek” who helps business and tech leaders build the skills they need to understand, navigate, and THRIVE in a complex, fast-paced world.

On top of being a coach, she’s been a serial entrepreneur for the past 15 years with each company more awesomely unique than the last.

Most recently she built a thriving online and in-person community called Living Quirky, full of raving fans that flock to her and adore being a part of the magic she wields.

Her zone of genius resides in unlocking the hidden obstacles, joys, and dreams at the center of her clients’ hearts. She brings a range to her life and coaching that is a mixture of Yoda for your mind, Alchemy for your heart, and Peter Pan for your soul.

Toku McCree

Toku McCree is an executive coach for brilliant misfits at the top of their game who want to create something far beyond the success they’ve already achieved.

In under 2 years, Toku built a coaching business with clients on 5 continents, one-on-one coaching deals of up to $100,000, and is a member of an elite group of the top 4% of coaches on the planet.

His zone of genius lies in cutting right to the heart of the matter with tons of love and no bullshit.

In addition to coaching business leaders, Toku has a passion for teaching coaches how to do deep work, which flows from his core mission to help the world wake up in profound and fundamental ways.

But the truth is that these are just the nice-sounding bios we use for speaking gigs and podcast appearances. All it does is answer the part of you wondering if we’re really legit.

If you’re anything like us, you don’t want to work with people who just know how to sell a coaching program. Instead, you want to work with the coaches who resonate with you, do their own deep work, and have a proven track record of serving their clients powerfully so that they can help you do the same.

Speaking of which . . .


Here’s what people say about working with us . . .

“Christina is part thoughtful visionary, part spirited builder and all parts love. I marvel at her sense of quiet attention, deep curiosity and ease with who she is. In private conversation, she has the ability to ask nuanced and insightful questions that lead to greater understanding. At the same time, she’s able to scale that awareness and attentiveness to engage an audience of hundreds. Love seeing so much grace and wisdom so early in life.”
– Jonathan Fields
Award-winning Author, Maker, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Good Life Project


“Toku is an amazing coach. He’s been like this insightful, compassionate friend who challenges me and encourages me all at the same time. Every time we talk he really listens, understands my problems, and helps me find solutions that work. He’s helped me get really clear on where I need to go next in my business and he’s helped me learn how to be a better man for my family as well as for my readers.”
– Leo Babauta
Creator of Zen Habits, A TIME Magazine Top 25 Blog


“Christina is a deep, empathic listener. I always feel seen and heard by this powerful artist.”

– Alexandra Jamieson
Best-Selling Author, Oscar-nominated for documentary Super Size Me, Cravings Whisperer and Wellness Expert

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Benefits Of Being In The Dojo:


Discover real confidence in your ability as a coach which gives you the courage to follow your instincts and skillfully challenge your clients and prospects.


Find inspiration and connection with others who are also dedicated to excellence in coaching and changing the lives of their clients.


Observe other styles, ideas, and ways of coaching which will expand your range of abilities and possible ways of serving the clients you currently have or want and make it possible for you to serve more kinds of clients than you could possibly imagine.


Break through the isolated vacuum all coaches struggle with (What we call the “Coaching Bubble”) so you can stop comparing your insides to others outsides and get thoughtful, objective feedback on your strengths as a coach and opportunities for you to improve your skills in every aspect of your work.


Get a deeper understanding of your unique style and competitive advantage as a coach. You will identify the things that make you different from any other coach in the world and know the value your style creates for others.


Unlock your full power as a coach which creates raving clients and prospects. It also means you can work with the most inspiring clients and charge high fees. So you can make more money while making a bigger impact.

“Before the Dojo, I did not feel really powerful as a coach. Though, I was eager to learn and practice. After the Dojo, now I know that I am a powerful coach and I feel confident in my style (fun and deep). I assume this a lot more. I am more conscious on what I am doing, and I also trust a lot more my intuition.”Emmy Druesne


This Sounds Awesome! What Next?

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With deep bows,
Christina Salerno and Toku McCree
Your Potential Dojo Leaders

“Before the Dojo, I knew I was a good coach, but didn’t think I was a deep coach. After the Dojo, I learned that I always have been a deep coach, so I gained confidence. And being able to practice so much has led me to feeling even more strength in my skills to lead people to love.”Laurie Davis Edwards