You Can Become DOPE at Coaching... IF You Have Effective Training

To uplevel your mastery, knowledge is NOT enough... you need to get on the mat and practice, a LOT!


The Coaching Dojo was designed to: 

  • equip you to confidently have conversations of deep transformation so that shifts are meaningful and lasting
  • reveal the brilliance and blindspots of your coaching 
  • develop clarity on how to attract the RIGHT clients, for you
  • help you create impactful experiences that make referrals effortless 
  • support you in fully going for it, not giving up, and spare you from going in circles
  • give a radical jump ahead with cutting-edge approaches to world-class coaching 
  • be rigorous, inclusive, and so fun that you'll fall madly in-love with the craft
  • provide a ready-made community of support.


I don't know what kind of coaching I want to focus on. I'm overwhelmed by all the methodologies - there's too many choices!

I wish there was a system for coaching and creating clients so that I don't do these feast or famine cycles.

Will I look foolish or be seen as not credible as I put myself out there?

How do I know whether I'm any good at coaching?

Am I making the impact I want to be making? I wonder if I'm truly walking my talk.

I'm nervous there will be too much emotional stuff if I make a mess, and don't want to have to deal with that.

I'd love to position myself as a thought leader, but doubts creep up and stop me from fully giving it my all.




“The Dojo is the most confronting, supportive, real-time, show your work, hands-on, no bullsh*t way to broaden your range, boost your confidence, get you out of your head, and into powerful, meaningful service! Seriously, perhaps the best coach training out there.” - Karen Baker

What is it? The Coaching Dojo is an 8-week intense, practice focused accelerator for coaching. It also includes 100+ resources we created and collected from the best coaches in the world.

Who is it for? For people who already know the potential power of coaching and want to develop their own skill, but feel stuck, are longing for confidence, or want a new challenging environment.

When does it happen?
It is 100% online and consists of 24 to 60+ hours of live training call opportunities. (Based on your desire/schedule for how many calls you attend.) The next kicks off March 2021.

How does it work? You'll learn key concepts, ask questions, and then immediately apply what you’ve learned. You get to observe coaching, get coached, give coaching, and get specific feedback on your coaching. Learn, practice, get feedback, practice again, create confidence, get results.

Why does it exist? Most coach trainings teach 3 months of information and give 3 days of practice. This has left a trail of coaches who know a lot, but feel doubtful, follow formulaic techniques, and aren't seeing the results they know are possible. The Coaching Dojo is unlike any other coach training on the planet because it puts deliberate practice at the center of mastery. 

We strip away the fluff and call forth your best coaching!