The Dojo Confessions

On February 16th, 2018… 23 Coaches embarked on a 6-week journey to massively up-level their coaching craft. They did so because they understood that the world’s top coaches earn 10x more.

While most testimonials are captured after an event and in the glow of completion and victory, we decided to do something different. We set-up a virtual “confessional” where they shared exactly their experiences week to week. No script. No rules. Just truth.

We watched as they went through breakdowns and breakthroughs, tapped into their coaching skills, and got turned inside out and back around.

Ultimately, these coaches gained greater confidence and insight into their coaching, they signed new clients and learned how to serve current clients better, and they forged lasting friendships and collaborations.

Below, we’ll be sharing their stories with you by featuring 3 Samurai Coach journeys, so you too can witness and learn about what it takes to master your craft. We offer these in the spirit of inspiration and possibility. The world needs truly great coaches and you can be one of them.


Jana Hendrickson

Kevin Lawrence

Samantha Alvarez

Dojo Confessions LIVE

On August 15, our Dojo Samurai gathered to discuss what the Dojo has meant for them, what they learned about practice and mastery, and how the changes they experienced in the Dojo have affected their lives—as coaches and as humans.

And… if you want to hear the Samurai answer the question: “What would you say to someone ‘on the fence’ about joining the Dojo?” go here to watch the videos!