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5 Days to Greater Coaching Mastery

The path to mastery as a coach takes a lifetime, but you can begin the journey today. In this 5- day mini-course, Samurai Coaching Dojo co-founder/sensei, former Zen student, and master coach Toku McCree breaks down the foundations of practice for any coach wanting to deepen their understanding of what it takes to become a master coach.

Including: what master coaches do differently, how to avoid the most common mistakes in practice, and the coaching myths that trap coaches in the “meh” zone of average performance.


5 Day Honorable Enrollment Mini-Course

Get our 5-Day Honorable Enrollment Course where we show you how you can generate high-paying clients without abandoning your moral compass. In this course, ethical marketer and Sales Dojo Sensei Margo Aaron highjacks the Dojo email system to share some powerful lessons about the art of marketing as a coach and human being.

Including: the power of deadlines, the psychology of why selling feels icky, and how to tap into your innate ability to attract clients.


Video Series: Honorable Enrollment 101

Struggling with enrollment? Not sure where to find clients? In this 3-part video series, Toku McCree answers some of the most common questions and addresses some of the most common challenges coaches face when they go out to create clients.


Special Event Series: The Sensei Sessions

Learn from the masters in this behind-the-scenes peek into the mind of a master coach.

The path to better coaching is through observation and deliberate practice.

Get a sneak peek into the discussion and facilitation we offer in our Dojo accelerator programs. Hosted by Co-Founders and Sensei, Toku McCree and Christina Salerno, we feature guest “Sensei” who give an experience of their powerful coaching, then we go through a breakdown of their choices and strategies, and finally we invite the live attendees to observe or participate in we call coach “sparring”.


Special Event Series: Master Coaches Fight To The Death!

Join us as we pit two master coaches against each other in a first-of-its-kind honorable enrollment face-off in front of a live audience and with a live prospective client.

Adam Quiney and Bay LeBlanc Quiney are both are full-time professional executive leadership coaches who work with high performers like NBC executives and successful lawyers. Both are founding members of elite coaching groups and have served as leaders in various coach development communities for over 7 years.

Feedback is given after each round, but the client chooses the final victor.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime peek behind the scenes of how two master coaches enroll their clients.

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