Event Series: A Look Inside the Dojo

The Practice Hall Is Open!

In Round 1, watch our Sensei, Toku and Christina, take a group of new Samurai through their paces, showing them (and YOU) just what happens inside the closed doors of the Dojo. In this special session, we invited a few Samurai who are going to be in the upcoming Dojo to come and spar together so you could see the impact deliberate practice and focused feedback could have on your coaching.


In Round 2, watch a lively discussion with the Sensei and a group of Dojo Alumni, riffing on coaching and practice, their experiences learning the power of deliberate practice in the Dojo, and how they’ve applied that knowledge and skill to their coaching, business, and lives since their time in the Dojo practice hall.


Want to take your coaching to the next level using deliberate practice?

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