Death! to Zombie Coaching Sessions (Micro-Dojo Event)

Hey there, Zombie-slaying Samurai!

Sensei Toku hosted a kick-ass webinar full of useful tools and tactics for creating a powerful Open to your coaching session. Below you’ll find a replay of the webinar (including a special bonus “after party” where Toku answers some additional viewer questions), the PDF of the slide deck, a list of highlights from the session, and a resource list of dope stuff for when you’re ready to dive deeper.


Death to Zombie Coaching Sessions (Slide Deck PDF)


  • [1:51] What is the Samurai Coaching Dojo?
  • [2:28] Who is Sensei Toku?
  • [3:45] Presentation Flow
  • [5:02] What’s the first thing you do in a coaching conversation? (the Samurai answer)
  • [6:20] Intro to the Coaching Canvas (Open-Drop-Shift-Close)
  • [8:38] What makes a great Open? (overview of the three Cs: Connection, Context, Container)
  • [12:07] Samurai question: how do you set context?
  • [13;47] Top 5 mistakes coaches make in the Open
  • [14:24] 1. Why are you coaching?
  • [17:05] 2. Am I going to do it right? (What if I say something dumb? What if I run out of time? What if I suck?)
  • [18:32] The distinction between performance and morality
  • [21:25] There is no “right way” to coach
  • [21:56] 3. Crappy containers
  • [23:38] “The Regular Container” (no map)
  • [24:13] “The Master Container” (hella dope map)
  • [28:27] Most coaches rush through creating the container
  • [30:20] 4. You don’t trust yourself / the client
  • [33:52] 5. Lack of Leadership (Control vs. Abdication; leading vs. holding)
  • [38:26] How to Practice (Start with a basic model)
  • [38:42] Start with Connection
  • [39:35] How to connect with a new client
  • [40:52] Context
  • [41:50] Set the Container
  • [42:10] Four Agreements
  • [43:20] Deeper Practice (Observation, Reflection, Experimentation) and how this works in the Dojo
  • [46:30] How to work with us (Coaching Dojo, Sales Dojo, Alumni-only Samurai Circle, 1:1 Coaching, Other)
  • [48:25] Live Q&A
  • [54:55] After Party Q&A