Open Mat Sparring – Sharpening Our Skills 1/23/19

Our first open mat sparring session of the year was a blast!

Open Mat Sparring is our live event where coaches from all over the globe get a chance to hone their skills and connect with coaches from multiple points of view. We saw a great turnout of attendees – some without sparring experience, some seasoned Dojo alumni, and everything in between.

Below you’ll find the recording from January 23rd, in which:

  • Toku introduces sparring and himself
  • the participants split and spar, and
  • everyone comes back for Q&A about sparring and the Dojo.

Our next open mat sparring session is set to be held on February 8th.

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Open-Mat-Sparring (Slide Deck PDF)


  • [1:19] What is the Samurai Coaching Dojo?
  • [3:43] What is Sparring?
  • [4:44] What Will You Get?
  • [6:06] The Agenda
  • [8:24] Who is Toku? (And Why Should We Listen to Him?)
  • [12:22] How it Works
  • [20:00] Viktor Coaches Andrew (Main Room Sparring)
  • [33:48] B.O./Feedback
  • [39:21] Andrew Coaches Viktor (Main Room Sparring)
  • [48:44] B.O./Feedback
  • [51:40] Coaches Gather/Insights
  • [54:28] Why Does The Dojo Work?
  • [56:01] What Is The Dojo?
  • [58:11] Q&A
  • [59:22] How To Apply?
  • [1:00:20] How Does The Kata Work?
  • [1:06:36] Words From A Dojo Alumnus