Open Mat Sparring – Spar to Success 2019.05.30

Open Mat Sparring – Spar to Success 2019.05.30

We had a great turnout for this month’s public Open Mat Sparring event!
Thank you to all who participated & if you missed your chance, don’t worry.

Open Mat Sparring is our live container for deliberate practice, where coaches from all over the globe get a chance to hone their skills and connect with coaches from multiple points of view.

We host this event because from experience and witnessing the magic of the dojo, we understand how pivotal practice can be. For example, within the Dojo & Samurai Circle, almost every coach that shows up and participates in the calls signed a client within the last few weeks.

Below you’ll find the recording from May 30th, in which:

  • Toku introduces sparring and himself
  • Participants split up, spar & exchange feedback
  • Coaches share insight & learn about practice opportunities in and outside of the Dojo
  • Spend the rest of the call with Toku in some awesome Q&A.

Our next open mat sparring session is set to be held Wednesday, June 19th at 2pm ET. Find out more HERE.

To stay updated on these events and more, join us on Facebook here or read more about Sparring in an in-depth post here.



  • [0:10] Intro & Context
  • [3:08] Story Time: Toku’s First Coach
  • [6:30] What Are We Doing?
  • [6:06] The Agenda
  • [12:10] Words of Wisdom from Alumni
  • [14:10] Post Sparring Discussion
  • [21:00] Want More Practice?
  • [22:43] Half Day Dojo Details (LINK)
  • [23:40] June Open Mat Sparring Details (LINK)
  • [24:50] Q&A
    • [25:15] Mini Story Time: Toku’s Time at a Monastery
    • [28:32] Mini Story Time: Alignment After Toku’s First Coach
    • [31:00] “Doing” As a Coach vs. “Surrendering”
    • [33:25] When Is The Next Sales Dojo? (Spring 2020)
    • [33:42] Do You Ever Train in Triads? (Yes, see it in action at the Half Day Dojo!)
    • [33:55] What Is The Dojo & What You Get

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