Open Mat Sparring – Honing Your Craft 2019.06.19

We had a blast at the June Open Mat Sparring!

Thank you to all who participated & if you missed your chance, don’t worry. July OMS signups are NOW OPEN

Open Mat Sparring is our live container for deliberate practice, where coaches from all over the globe get a chance to hone their skills and connect with coaches from multiple points of view.

We host this event because from experience and catch a glimpse of the dojo, we understand that mastery and development as a coach is a direct result of intentional, feedback centered practice.

Below you’ll find the recording from June 19th, in which:

  • Toku introduces himself & how sparring works
  • Sparring begins! Participants breakout and Toku & Daniel King spar & give B.O.
  • Coaches share insight & talk about practice opportunities coming up (Like the Half Day Dojo in August)
  • Spend the rest of the call with Toku in some awesome Q&A

Our next open mat sparring session is a special 90 minute event set to be held Tuesday, July 16th at 12pm ET. Toku will host a FREE webinar on connection & creating it in various settings. Find out more HERE.

To stay updated on these events and more, join us on Facebook here or read more about Sparring in an in-depth post here.



  • [1:30] Intro & Context
  • [5:15] Story Time: Samurai Kyle
  • [8:56] How Sparring Works
  • [13:54] Dan Coaches Toku
  • [24:26] Dan’s B.O.
  • [28:55] Toku Coaches Dan
  • [40:18] Toku’s B.O.
  • [45:06] Coaches Return & Share
  • [50:15] Recap & Philosophy
  • [53:o8] Half Day Dojo Details (LINK)
  • [57:15] July Open Mat Sparring Details (LINK)
  • [57:21] Q&A

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