Open Mat Sparring – 2019.09.12

Check out the recap!

Open Mat Sparring is our live monthly event where coaches from all over the globe get a chance to connect, hone their skills & get the feedback and confidence you can only get through deliberate practice.

Below you’ll find the recording from September 12th.

  • Toku sets the context.
  • After instruction, participants split up, spar & exchange feedback.
  • Coaches share a takeaway from their session & then learn about practice opportunities in and outside of the Dojo.
  • Toku provides details on more practice opportunities, like the Half Day Dojo.
  • The call ends with more questions.

Our next open mat sparring session is set to be held Saturday, October 5th at 12pm ET. Find out more HERE.

To take your commitment to practice and advancing your coaching to the next level, join us October 7th at the Half Day Dojo. Learn more HERE.


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