Open Mat Sparring – 2019.10.05

Here’s the main room recap of October’s Open Mat Sparring event!
Thank you to all who participated & if you couldn’t make it, you can still benefit from the Q&A and topics from the main room.

Below you’ll find the recording from October, 5th, in which:

  • Toku leads us in an Intro
  • Participants get sparring instruction
  • After instruction, participants split up, spar & exchange feedback
  • Coaches share a takeaway from their session & then learn about practice opportunities in and outside of the Dojo
  • Toku provides details on more practice opportunities, like the Half Day Dojo.
  • The call ends with more questions.


Upcoming Events:

  • Half Day Dojo (November 15th)
  • Coaching Dojo (Spring 2020)