What To Expect:

Wednesday, August 28th - 12PM ET Event: Public Location: Zoom Meeting Room Duration: 1 Hour  

Open Mat Sparring is like a lot of other kinds of practice... but it's also very different. 

1. Use the Zoom link in your sign-up confirmation email to join us at Open Mat Sparring.

2. When you come to Open Mat Sparring you'll be paired with another coach. 

3. You and the other coach will take turns coaching each other and giving feedback. 

In the Dojo we give feedback using BO (because everyone gets BO when they spar...) 

  • The B stands for Brilliance or what's great about your coaching. This is a chance to see what you do well so you can do more of it. 
  • The O stands for Opportunity or where you could have done something different or where you may have missed something. In the Dojo we don't believe in a 'right' way to coach, we believe in encouraging one another to get better at coaching.  

4. At the end of Sparring we gather together to share what we've learned with one another. 

Open Mat Sparring is a safe space to practice, get valuable feedback on your coaching, learn from other coaches, and connect with a community of coaches who care about what it means to be a coach.  


Our Philosphy:

Sparring is our ode to deliberate practice. This sparring event gives you chance to see all the angles of a conversation in just 30 minutes. We in the Samurai Coaching Dojo assume that mastery can happen quickly - that insight is right there, ripe for the picking...  

IF... you are willing to be brave enough to try.  

IF... you are willing to be humble enough to practice.  

IF... you want to get better, to stop being lonely, or having doubts, or being bored, or wondering if you’re any good, or wondering how you could improve.  


IF... you just want to have fun coaching, again or for the first time. 

Open Mat Sparring is for you.


What You Gain:

Find out what you're doing wrong:

Most coaches coach in a bubble without expert or peer feedback. They have no idea what their clients think of them, what they're doing right, and even more, what they're doing WRONG.

  • Stop making the same mistakes
  • Figure out where you lose your clients 
  • Learn to adapt and get better

Find out what you're doing right:

Most coaches spend ALL of their time focused on where they struggle or on their doubts, but the best coaches don't just work to fix mistakes, they also work to amplify their best coaching. 

In Open Mat Sparring, you'll get a chance to be reminded of what makes you a great coach. 

You'll start to understand what your best coaching looks like - so you can do more of it, have a bigger impact on your clients lives, feel the power and satisfaction of doing meaningful work, and continue to improve.


Join Us:

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