What’s The Right Answer?

We often seek finding the right answer, like playing chess with the future. We plan out the moves, consider the options, and explore the possibilities. But most of our worries come to nothing and rarely does our advanced strategic thinking lead to results that are wildly different. Instead, it gets us a load of worry and fear. 

The truth is we don’t know what the future holds for us. The only person who knows the future outcome of our choice is a future version that’s already made the choice and lived that life. That doesn’t mean you should just choose at random. Instead, it means that there’s an opportunity to consider options and make a choice not from knowing the right answer, but instead from standing in who we declare ourselves to be and choosing from that place. 

If you are committed to fear, you choose from fear and you get the results fear creates, which is often more fear. If you are committed to possibility and you choose from possibility, you get the results of possibility, which is often more possibility. This is what’s possible for you in life. 

To be a certain way, to choose from that place and to be responsible for the outcome, good/bad, welcome or scary.  

When we choose what we are committed to being first and then choose from that place not only do our results shift, but our whole experience of choosing changes.

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