The pathway to mastery requires deliberate practice. In the right environment, remarkable results and exponential growth become the norm, so we've crafted conditions that support accelerated mastery.

Each of our offerings have been designed around the 4 essentials for an accelerated mastery environment.

  • Expertise - High quality resources and "Kata" modules developed by leading experts and our wealth of experience working with hundreds of coaches and thought leaders.
  • Feedback - An essential factor to rapid improvement and expanded range, provided by getting immediate and expert feedback individualized specifically for each Samurai.
  • Peer Group - Like-minded coaches, leaders, healers, and deep work practitioners who share an aligned devotion to mastering their craft, each especially selected to be one of our Samurai.
  • Practice - We go beyond informational training programs by offering low and high stakes practice environments facilitated to foster depth, innovation, and growth.


Become more confident, savvy, and innovative with the craft you love.

The more masterful you become as a coach, the easier it is to enroll clients, get referrals, and transform clients. However, most coaches are stuck, insecure, or unknowingly leaking power because they are isolated in what we call the "Coaching Bubble." 

It’s impossible to master your craft without deliberate practice. If you want to overcome your blindspots, you need outside feedback. If you want more range, you need new ideas and perspectives. If you want to grow, you need a safe place to fail, over and over.

The Coaching Dojo is a 10-week program that covers the 8 major elements of deliberate practice shown by various studies as vital to creating mastery: including live feedback, creating mental models, and studying with masters. In the Dojo, we utilize these powerful growth levers to help you deepen your skills at lightning speed and instill the principles and tools necessary for your lifelong journey of mastery. Our program is unlike anything else in the world of coaching and our graduates are some of the world's best coaches.

A Few Important Details:

  • 100% online with coaches all over the world. 
  • 24 to 60+ hours of live training call opportunities. (Based on your desire / schedule for how many calls you attend.)
  • Cost: $5,000 


Recognize your brilliance. Reveal your blindspots. Improve your skills.

Coaches rarely get a safe space to practice and when they do, they don’t do so deliberately. The Half-Day Dojo is an intense and essentialized 4-hour deliberate practice based training container. We created this as an alternative option if you're looking to make less investment in time/money, or for Coaching Dojo grads to return to the mat with us for more practice. 

Each Half-Day Dojo will be focused on one "kata" which is a fundamental aspect of coaching or enrollment. We will break this down into specific and simple skills. Then, we'll help you practice those skills with optimal effectiveness. This will help you elevate your coaching, enrollment, or leadership to a whole new level.

The next upcoming Half-Day Dojo will be:

  • DATE: They run bi-monthly
  • KATA: Always changing
  • 100% online with coaches all over the world.
  • Cost: $197

Here's what a few of our Dojo grads have to say about their experiences:

"The first 6 months of this year I did 3x the business. Enrolling clients is easy now - the easiest part of my job." - Mike H

"Before the Dojo, I knew I was a good coach, but didn’t think I was a deep coach. After the Dojo, I learned that I always have been a deep coach, so I gained confidence. And being able to practice so much has led me to feeling even more strength in my skills to lead people to love. - Laurie E

"There is no substitute for experience… That’s what the Dojo does better than anything I’ve seen. Really extraordinary what they’re doing there. Best investment I've made in my life." - Craig F

"Toku is the only one who went beyond to help me grow my already successful coaching practice and spoke to the parts of me that long for something more than the success I’ve already created. There are a lot of coaches out there that claim to do the work, but Toku is the real deal." - Dana C

"Before the Dojo, I had no clients. Afterwards, I have 6 clients and have had a 5-figure month so the progress has been huge. I also get about 5-10 prospect calls a month so I am very pleased." - Kyle B

"After the Dojo... I felt like I was a f$%^ing awesome coach. I was very clear and crisp about my's really good to see who you are in relation to other people. Because coaching is this singular thing, we don't get a lot of reflection from other people. So looking at somebody else's style vs mine, gave me insights into what's unique about me." - Elizabeth W