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10 Days To $11,000

I recently had a client send me the following text message –

I just enrolled a new client at $11k for 4 months! The stuff I’m getting from you is turning this process into one of my favorite conversations. I just started reading the sales Katas last night— they are brilliant. You should get this book out in the world my friend. This is what was missing for me in all the stuff I’ve read. And I’ve read a lot— including Prosperous coach and . . .

And you might be wondering what it is that I taught that created that kind of result.

If I was a brilliant marketer, I’d tell you that I had a secret shortcut, some special magic that other coaches don’t have. I’d pull out a bag of my magic beans and ask you if you wanted some.Read more

The Truth About Powerful Coaching Questions And How To Master This Art

Almost every new or promising coach I know is obsessed with the idea of powerful coaching questions.

We have lists of questions, books of questions, written scribbles of questions we collected at conferences, so many questions we don’t know what to do with them and yet we still have doubts.

Let’s say you learn a list of 5 powerful coaching questions to ask, somehow when you get into the session with a client they don’t quite work how you remember them working. The client is evasive, doesn’t answer the question quite how you expected, answers the question but then you’re not sure what to ask next.

Somehow no matter how much you study and collect questions, it’s never enough.

Why is this? What’s going on here? And what can you do about it?Read more

The Coaching Adventure Game… WINNERS!!!

For the past 3 weeks, coaches have been playing an EPIC game we created called The Coaching Adventure Game. It had 100 challenges, in a variety of areas all designed to get into action, have fun, and grow your coaching business.

Anyone who played the game is a winner because they’d be growing their business. However, it is a competition with prizes, so here are the official winners of the 2019 Coaching Adventure Game! Read more

How To Ask Super Powerful Questions

Every time I ask a powerful question there are 5 factors I keep in mind:

1. What’s the context?
What’s happening, in the client’s life, inside my body, in the client body, and the conversation.

2. What’s the bind?
Where is the client trapped or stuck, usually by some sort of unresolvable dilemma, impossible choice, or conflicting commitment? Read more

How One Powerful Question Could Make Your Coaching Conversations Worth $1200/Hour

Craig’s Story

Just last month, I stumbled across an opportunity for coaches with a financial background, so I reached out to a Dojo graduate and I was delighted by what he told me.

How To Develop Confidence In Your Questions

In many ways, questions are the core of coaching. So much so, that if you search for coaching questions you’ll get an ENDLESS list of 50 great coaching questions, 100 powerful questions, 1001 questions for any client.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE reading list of questions as much as the next person.

But these lists never address the KEY challenge I see most coaches face.

Sure knowing good questions is helpful, but knowing which ones to ask and when is even more important, and trusting yourself to do that is perhaps the most important thing of all.Read more

The Coaching Industry Has Ruined Your Confidence

I used to wonder why so many coaches struggle with confidence.

But I don’t anymore.

I used to think that confidence came as the result of listening to the right advice, reading the right books, and following the right leaders. Again, not anymore.
The truth is that the coaching industry has ruined your confidence.

Instead of telling you the truth. Instead of letting you know that being a great coach takes work, commitment and practice, they’ve told you it’s easy.

Read more

How “I Don’t Know” Can Build A Stable Coaching Business FAST

Let’s talk about how one Samurai built a business by embracing not knowing.

When Alex joined us in the coaching Dojo he was like A LOT of coaches in that he didn’t know much.

He didn’t really know how to coach.
He didn’t really know how to sell.
He didn’t really know how to find clients.
He didn’t even know what kind of questions a coach should be asking.

But that didn’t stop him.

In fact, he used DON’T KNOW MIND to become one of the fastest Dojo graduates ever to build a full time coaching business. He had a full practice within a matter of months.Read more

The EVIL Coaching Game 🎃

Recently I gathered with a group of high-level coaches and we played a simple game.

The game of EVIL coaching!

Evil Coaching Game Pumpkins Image


The game is simple, instead of being kind, gentle, and non-advice giving we threw out the playbook.

We coached from our inner asshole, our inner bitch, and our inner jerks.

What emerged was incredible.Read more

Fear As Fuel For Your Coaching

I was talking to a coach recently who was really struggling with their confidence. They knew they wanted to be a great coach, but every time they got on a call they were full of doubt. And along with doubt came all the usual fears coaches often feel:

    • fear of failure,
    • fear of being a fraud,
    • fear that you’ll ask a dumb question,
    • fear that you’ll ask a question that triggers you client and won’t know what to do about it,
    • fear that you’ll ask a great question, but then won’t no what to ask.

Read more