Learn How To Make $100k Proposals Without Crapping Your Pants

For coaches who want to master enrollment at a totally new level

You Don’t Have to Be a "Professional Salesperson" to Become A Master at Sales You Just Need To Practice Like One 

The existing courses and workshops on building your coaching business are great, but they’re missing something critical.  

Consider this: the only time you get to practice sales is when the stakes are HIGH and you need to close a REAL client. Think about that for a second.

The most important skill in building your business is done:

  • Alone
  • Behind closed doors
  • Infrequently
  • Under incredibly high pressure

Even if you memorized every sales tactic in the book, you couldn’t get better: because you aren’t practicing and getting the feedback you need!  

If you were an Olympic sprinter, would you only practice sprinting by yourself every few weeks?  

Of course not!  

You’d go to the track with your coach every day.

You'd practice your form, race at different tracks, run in different types of weather. You'd learn how your body works under pressure and how to eat right, sleep right, and optimize your life to win that race.  

You'd go over that race again and again and again: Until the technique becomes second nature. 

Like muscle memory. It’s automatic, effortless, calm. 

You no longer wonder, “Am I doing this right?” 

You know you are.  

You’re focused on the race - able to succeed no matter what the track (or, in our case, client) throws at you.  

You’re a master because you’ve honed the skill after lots and lots of practice.  

So, why on earth would you think you’d be good at sales if you only do it in a high stakes environment when you have EVERYTHING on the line??!  

It’s insane!  

And yet…that’s what most coaches do.  

They focus on mastering the art of coaching and reading about sales, but never doing it.

I Want to Teach You How to Become An Master At Sales - and LOVE doing It

I want to get rid of that gremlin inside your head that says, “Maybe I Can't Be Like A Rich Litvin or A Toku ?”  

You already have what it takes to create a highly succesful next level coaching practice.  

You just haven’t developed the muscle memory you need to know how to navigate a sales conversation smoothly and authentically. 

You haven’t practiced enough in a low-stakes environment where you can get better.

Books, courses, and seminars are just the tip of the iceberg. 

You also need feedback from professionals who’ve mastered sales, a deeper understanding of your unique style and competitive advantage, and the courage to follow your instincts and skillfully challenge your clients. 

Most of us have to practice, fail, and work hard on getting it right. Just like you do with coaching.  

Because (I repeat) sales is coaching.  

Which is why we’re using the same practice-based approach we use for our Samurai Coaching Dojo to help you master the skills and feel confident in your ability to enroll clients. 

Introducing the Samurai Sales Dojo: An “Only One Of It’s Kind” - Practice Based -Virtual Incubator For Learning How To Become A Sales Master 

(It's where you get stupid good at sales)

The Samurai Sales Dojo is a virtual incubator for coaches to practice and develop the art of next level selling.  

We curate small groups based on level and growth interests for an intimate immersion made up of master coaches who want take their selling to the next level.


"There is no substitute for experience… That’s what the Dojo does better than anything I’ve seen. Really extraordinary what they’re doing there." - Craig F, Dojo Graduate

These groups are led by me (Toku McCree) and a team of incredible experts including ethical marketer Margo Aaron, master coach Christina Salerno, and operations master Steve Arensberg (formerly of Live Your Legend).

Between us, we have over 30 years of sales and enrollment experience and a vast knowledge of deep work and successful six-figure+ coaching practices.

"The first 6 months of this year I did 3x the business. Enrolling clients is easy now - the easiest part of my job."  

- Mike H, Dojo Graduate

For the Sales Dojo, you’ll get 8 weeks of immersive supervised sales learning and implementation. We’ll help you with technique, and then you’ll get time to practice in a low-stakes environment.  

We’re not going to sugarcoat it: this will push you out of your comfort zone.  

You’ll feel uncomfortable, uneasy, and, occasionally, embarrassed.  

But you WILL get better at sales. We guarantee it.  

If you’re haunted by a fear of where your next client is coming from... If you DREAD the part of the conversation where you need to bring up payment... If you KNOW you’re a better coach than people making way more money than you...  

We give you the tools and experience you need to feel like you know exactly what you’re doing.

"I’m not as scared I’m going to mess them up. I’m not as scared of diving into the deeper stuff." - Kyle, Dojo Graduate

After your 8 weeks of immersive training in the Samurai Sales Dojo, you won’t get stuck over thinking or wondering what you're doing wrong or what you need to take your fee’s and business to the next level: you’ll know.  

We will take the mystery out of the sales process and replace it with confidence. You will feel like you’ve got this.  

What’s more is you’ll get tailored FEEDBACK unique to you.

Right now, you have no idea why you can't sign clients or why you're losing them.  

With our custom feedback, we’ll help you lean into the discomfort and discover where your strengths are and how to capitalize on them. 

“The thing that is unique about the Dojo is that you get instant feedback. It’s not from the other party in the coaching relationship, so you're not getting feedback, not from the person you just coached - who may or may not be experiencing something that's influencing their observation. And not from someone who’s barely coached before." - Mike H.

After the Dojo..."I felt like I was a f$%^ing awesome coach. I was very clear and crisp about my abilities...it's really good to see who you are in relation to other people. Because coaching is this singular thing, we don't get a lot of reflection from other people. So looking at somebody else's style vs mine, gave me insights into what's unique about me." - Elizabeth W. 

How the Dojo Works

The next Samurai Sales Dojo will run from January 5th, 2018 through March 2nd, 2018.  

You’ll have: 

  • 18 hours of live calls
  • 5 implementation weeks
  • 10 Kata assignments (You’ll find out what that is once you apply)
  • A Samurai Clan (that’s 4-6 coaches like you who are devoted to excellence and mastery) 
  • And sparring partners who will work with you to improve your skills, provide feedback, and support.  

Every other week we’ll alternate between practice and massive action. Practice weeks begin with a Skill Unit that breaks down one essential attraction (marketing) or enrollment (selling) skill in incredible detail and simplicity.  

Next you gather with your fellow Samurai to drill and practice in a safe, non-judgemental container and get direct and immediate feedback.  

Then at the end of the week, you can join for more practice, feedback, or just ask some questions and get clarity around what you're learning.  

On action weeks you take MASSIVE ACTION supported by your Sensei and fellow Samurai. This is where you get to test your skills in the real world by connecting with REAL clients, trying out your new skills, and getting real world data.  

(Yes, it’s a little scary but it’s also VERY awesome. And you’ll have support from your Sensei’s and fellow coaches - you will never feel like you’re alone.)  

Then you gather with your Clan to get MORE feedback so you can tweak and dial in that last 20% of excellence.

That part makes the difference between “Doing ok” and “F*cking KILLING IT!!!”  

We do this for 8 incredible weeks (with a break for Thanksgiving), so that by the end you have a solid foundation and all the skills and experience you need to be a Sales Samurai.  

Best of all, the things we teach you are repeatable - which means you can keep using them for years after the Dojo ends. These aren't just answers to your questions now, they're a secret armory of powerful tools that tells you how to stay in continuous improvement and refinement for years to come.  

“Best investment I've made in my life.” - Craig F., Dojo Graduate 

The application deadline is December 1st, 2017 


Once we receive your application, our Sensei team will review your material and reach out to schedule an interview if you qualify for admission into the program. 

We’re looking for coaches who:

  • Are willing to put in the work
  • Are open to being uncomfortable 
  • Want to get better at enrollment (aka sales)
  • Want to have the confidence and clarity of the coaches they look up to 
  • Participate in the growth of others 
  • Are ready to commit to doing the real work of finding out what enrollment is all about  

You are likely not a good fit if you think . . . 

  • The key to becoming a successful coach is how well you can market yourself above all else
  • You’re already great at enrollment and don’t need to do anything to improve
  • That sales and marketing are “gimmicks” that you have to do in order to get clients
  • Nothing you do can make you better at enrollment  

Our Promise To You:  

We work incredibly hard to ensure our Dojo is the highest quality program you’ve ever been a part of. We carefully vet each applicant to make sure the quality of the participants are as high as the quality of the program. However, if for any reason you feel like this is not serving you - we offer a money back guarantee. All we ask is that you turn in your completed assignments (including the non-written work) and prove that you made an effort to participate and get the most out of the experience. If you still don’t find that it served you, we will gladly refund you in full within the first 3 weeks. We’ll be sad, but we’ll understand. We don’t believe in making promises we can’t keep. And our promise to you is to make you as excited about enrollment as you are about coaching.  

"Toku is an amazing coach. He's been like this insightful, compassionate friend who challenges me and encourages me all at the same time. Every time we talk he really listens, understands my problems, and helps me find solutions that work. He's helped me get really clear on where I need to go next in my business and he's helped me learn how to be a better man for my family as well as for my readers."

Leo Babauta, Creator of Zen Habits (a Time Magazine Top 25 Blog)  

“I’ve gotten a few proposals for high end coaching, but Toku is the only one who went beyond the offer to help me grow my already successful coaching practice and spoke to the parts of me that long for something more than the success I’ve already created. There are a lot of coaches out there that claim to do the work, but Toku is the real deal.”  

Dana Corey, Master coach who’s current and former clients include Zappos.com, the Oregon Women’s Conference, and the eWomen Network.