Was the Dojo worth it?


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“Before the Dojo, I had no clients. Afterwards, I have 6 clients and have had a 5 figure month so the progress has been huge. I also get about 5-10 prospect calls a month so I am very pleased.” – Kyle Benson

“The Dojo is a truly unique experience. It takes apart your coaching ideas and philosophy and helps you to intelligently rebuild them. This might help you to change and improve how you coach or it might help you to better understand why you do the things you do. There are few courses I know of that focus on deeply honing your coaching skills which is critical if you want to become a great coach. If you want to develop as a coach, this is a must.” – Mike Matthews

“The Coaching Dojo is a great way to improve your coaching by watching other people coach, and getting great feedback – you rarely get that after coach training. My biggest fear was not learning anything and having it feel like a waste of time. Instead, I truly looked forward to each session, and received so much high quality, insightful feedback. It’s a fun experience and the leaders truly are invested and caring. When we all experimented with very uncomfortable breaking of coaching norms, that was such fun and I learned so much from it. As a result of being in the Dojo, I’ve created two main positive results: one my enrollments, which had been struggling for a time are back on track and doing well which I’m thrilled about. Secondly, I’m definitely approaching my coaching conversations with more boldness and less holding back. A big win for me!” – Jo Ilfeld, PhD

There is no substitute for experience… That’s what the Dojo does better than anything I’ve seen. Really extraordinary what they’re doing there. Best investment I’ve made in my life.” – Craig Filek

“I’ve spent over $30,000 on my coaching path: ICF-certified training, one-on-one coaches, group programs, weekend Intensives… The Dojo has easily had the largest impact on my improvement as a coach. If you want to bring better coaching to your own practice, to your leadership, to your company… this is the first place I’d go.The Dojo has cultivated an amazing space for peer feedback, learning ways to analyze the coaching process, and generally deepen your actual (and capacity for) mastery. It helped me coach (and live) with greater self-awareness, and offered tools to refine and hone myself further. I am more confident and feel more clarity. I learned that coaching and enrollment can be powerful and deep while *also* being creative and fun. My investment paid back double with one email based directly on what I learned {in the Dojo/from Toku}, which I used to close the deal on a client who was puttering around in the ether. I finally got the truth of how it’s all enrollment, and it’s all practice. I shifted from the paralyzing preciousness of the finite game toward enjoying the infinite one. I used to view selling as a ‘necessary evil’ to support my living as a coach. I secretly wished I’d win the lottery so I’d never have to charge again. The Dojo helped me experience the specific ways that sales/enrollment/commitment/etc. are all, in fact, essential components of great coaching. I’d not only been shorting my bottom line – I’d been shorting my clients’ growth. Money alone was never sufficient for me to commit to masterful selling; seeing it’s essential to my impact as a coach… game changer. Basically: if you want to become a better coach, there’s no better place I know than the Dojo.” – Rob Gullixson

“After taking part in the Coaching Dojo, the next step was the Sales Dojo. The Sales Dojo provided plenty of practical, hands-on tools and mental models to help in sales conversations and business development. But, as always, the real value came from the feedback, the sparring, and the practice. My coaching and enrollment was dissected in detail. The live, honest feedback was at times painful to confront. Overall it was a period of immense personal transformation that picked up where the Coaching Dojo left off. I was forced to confront the depths of my shadow. Looking back, the steps I’ve taken thanks to Sales Dojo are mind-boggling. So much as changed. Sales and enrollment is fun now. Although new prospects always provide nerves and excitement, the old dread and self-consciousness has disappeared. Now sales and enrollment is a source of excitement, challenge, and growth. Heck, it evens feels easy somehow. I’m also a better coach. I wasn’t expecting this, but by using the enrollment techniques, I am now much better at helping to enroll clients into the immense possibility of their potential futures. And I’m a better person. The Sales Dojo helped me to shave off layers of protection and fear that had prevented me from serving others as powerfully as I can. In terms of tangible value, the results speak for themselves. In just a few short months after the Sales Dojo, I’ve now have a full-time coaching practice. I’m living my dream. To get there, I needed to face some brutal realities and to get challenged to my core, and the Sales Dojo was a vital step on that journey. ” – Alex Carabi

“Before the Dojo, I knew I was a good coach, but didn’t think I was a deep coach. After the Dojo, I learned that I always have been a deep coach, so I gained confidence. And being able to practice so much has led me to feeling even more strength in my skills to lead people to love.” – Laurie Davis Edwards

“The Coaching Dojo is a well designed program that will create a new level of mastery with your impact as a coach. Going into the experience, my biggest fear was inadequacy. It wasn’t true, and I stepped into possibility & confidence. Throughout, my growth as a coach was tremendous. A significant breakthrough was more self-awareness which has elevated my mastery as a coach. I’m very grateful for the gift of this program and the opportunity to work with exceptional people who are committed to excellence.” – Don Wood

“After the Dojo, I’m a better coach. I’m more comfortable sitting in the discomfort with clients, with being myself instead of ‘acting’ coach, and I have new tools and perspectives all the time, thanks to the other samurai and sensei who are now part of my tribe. I invited my email list to book a coaching session with me, which I would never have had the courage to do before the Dojo, and have had about 10 calls. It also forced me to decide to go all in on raising my rates powerfully and enrolling powerfully. And I’m a better version of myself with friends and family (and alone). I see blindspots that were hidden for years – more of them every week. This program changed my life. It not only has leveled up my coaching game, but helped me get through a difficult time in my life with grace and love.” – Matt Thieleman

“Before the Dojo, I felt like I was good, but there was something missing that great coaches have. Honestly, there were a bunch of times when I considered hanging it up before the Dojo started. After completing the Dojo (and most importantly, a month to integrate everything), I feel like I’m playing fucking light years above where I was playing. Oh, and January has been my best month ever as a coach.” – Mike Harris

“Dojo is a unique experience where you can see how other people coach, learn and test different techniques, be a coach and a client, and have a unique perspective of experiencing both sides. It definitely helped me become more aware and tuned in with my coaching practice and general interactions with others. Now that the initial Dojo experience is completed, time to process and integrate has passed, I think that going through this experience again would have exponential impact my practice.” – Vera Anderson

“In the Coaching Dojo, I loved experimenting with new skills, because it doesn’t feel as risky. I have found that I am naturally good at consulting, which is what I gave up to be a coach. When I played with my intuition in the Dojo, I found that I was usually correct. So I have upleveled my business to both coaching and consulting. It’s been really fun to target a different type of client who is looking for both. The Dojo is a great place to play around with your coaching and try new things. It’s a beautiful means of building mastery.” – Allison Garner

“Before the Dojo, I did not feel really powerful as a coach. Though, I was eager to learn and practice. After the Dojo, now I know that I am a powerful coach and I feel confident in my style (fun and deep). I assume this a lot more. I am more conscious on what I am doing, and I also trust a lot more my intuition.” – Emmy Druesne

“After the Dojo…”I felt like I was a f$%^ing awesome coach. I was very clear and crisp about my abilities…it’s really good to see who you are in relation to other people. Because coaching is this singular thing, we don’t get a lot of reflection from other people. So looking at somebody else’s style vs mine, gave me insights into what’s unique about me.” – Elizabeth Wipff

“The Samurai Coaching Dojo is a solid programme created by passionate master coaches who are at the top of their game. The Dojo will help you to see where you are as a coach and expand your range of coaching skills. The gold is in receiving feedback on your coaching as you practice with others, which is very different from receiving client feedback. The sensei and samurai are very supportive – it’s a safe environment to play, try things you haven’t tried before and learn from each other. I loved the invitation to be creative in my coaching and do something I wouldn’t normally do. By diving into this myself and observing the creativity of my clan members, I expanded my views and boundaries of what I thought coaching ‘should’ be like. I realised that I had been quite particular in my ways in terms of the way I coach. I was following a tried and tested ‘method’ that yielded great results, yet there was room to expand further. I learnt that adding fun and humour brings a light-hearted, fresh energy that can still enable the client to go deep and receive the insights they need. I didn’t allow myself to bring in fun and humour previously. Also, I am bolder and more direct in delivering my insights/reflections to my clients and the boldness helps my messages to land more deeply. This boldness also extends to the way I communicate with friends and family, when appropriate. I own my boldness. The Dojo is an intense journey – like a rollercoaster – with ups and downs and you’ll finish the thrilling ride with more confidence in your abilities as a coach. Go for it!” – Winnie Sher

“The dojo is the most confronting, supportive, real-time, show your work, hands-on, no bullshit way to broaden your range, boost your confidence, get you out of your head, and into powerful, meaningful service! Seriously, perhaps the best coach training out there.” – Karen Baker

“The Dojo is a place where you’ll be put to the fire and challenged in unexpected ways, and you’ll grow in unexpected ways as well. You will discover your strengths and opportunities as a coach, you’ll gain powerful tools and see them demonstrated, and you’ll be able to explore different techniques in a safe environment. Having fun, being playful, bringing more of myself into my coaching style, and not being afraid to tell the client what I’m seeing are just some of the helpful lessons I took away.” – Kim Morgan

“Since the Dojo, I have more trust in myself and in the process, both in the moment of a session and in general. Practicing has been a necessity in order to move towards my potential as a coach. This program provides the container to practice in a way that will help your brilliance emerge. If you’re serious about coaching and serious about serving your clients, you need to do the Dojo.” – Gabe Clark

“I learned that I’m a stronger coach than I thought, that I definitely can do more heart-based work, and I can test/make more mistakes in coaching sessions too. I have more clarity of my personal style, and I’m now incorporating heart-first and intuition work which has been impactful for my clients and has gotten great, unsolicited feedback. I can think of two referrals that directly came after doing the deeper work I learned in the Dojo. Joining the Dojo has changed the trajectory of my coaching skill set significantly, which has led to better impact and more referrals. If you’re serious about being a strong coach and having greater impact, there’s no better program.” – Nick Herinckx

“I had a fear going into the Coaching Dojo that I wasn’t good enough at coaching and I would mess up and look stupid. I did mess up, but it didn’t matter, the group was so supportive and a safe space was created throughout. As a result of the Dojo, I got my first paying client. I have had more sales conversations where I can more confidently say my price and be okay with the NOs. I am a much better coach – specifically I learned to trust my intuition and connect to my heart for the answers. If you are looking to become a master coach and be a part of a supportive group of amazing coaches then you should definitely join the Dojo. You will not regret it!.” – Claire Higgins

“I loved the real time coaching where I received feedback from everyone. The feedback was authentic, came from a place of kindness and learning. It also provided me a great place to experiment with different coaching styles. Now, I am a much more effective coach. Two of my clients have opened up even more to me as to their current deep challenges once I changed my style. If you are looking to take your coaching to the next level, this is the place. If you want to become a truly transformational coach where you can impact people’s lives, this is the place. If you want to become a heart-centered coach, this is the place.” – Lynne Levy

“If you want some intense and challenging training in coaching that provides you with quality, actionable feedback and peers you can learn from, it’s an amazing program with few others like it.” – Libby Sinback