Before & After Stories

Kyle Benson

Before: “I had no clients”
After: “I have 6 clients and have had a 5 figure month so the progress has been huge. I also get about 5-10 prospect calls a month so I am very pleased.”

Laurie Davis Edwards

Before: “I knew I was a good coach, but didn’t think I was a deep coach.”
After: “I learned that I always have been a deep coach, so I gained confidence. And being able to practice so much has led me to feeling even more strength in my skills to lead people to love.”

Mike Harris

Before: “I felt like I was good, but there was something missing that great coaches have. Prospects? Honestly, there were a bunch of times when I considered hanging it up before the Dojo started.”
After: “After 3 months (and most importantly, a month to integrate everything), I feel like I’m playing fucking light years above where I was playing. Oh, and January has been my best month ever as a coach.”

Emmy Druesne

Before: “Not really powerful as a coach. Eager to learn and practice.”
After: “I know that I am a powerful coach and I feel confident in my style (fun and deep). I assume this a lot more. I am more conscious on what I am doing, and I also trust a lot more my intuition.”