Is Your Coaching Masterful, or Just Mediocre?

As you walk the path toward excellence as a coach, how do you know you are following the right trail? How do you ensure you don’t look back ten years from now and see yourself in the same place, the same mindset, with minimal growth?

Practice, Practice, Practice is the way, as you have heard every elementary school teacher tell you.

Excellent coaches don’t become mired in stagnant learnings; they continually reflect on their actions, face their hard truths, and correct their course accordingly. It’s not the easy way, but it’s the most effective way to hone your skills.

Take Sensei Toku for example. He has learned, learned from others and himself, and will never stop learning. Such a simple act for creating such  long-term impacts instead of quick fixes.

What does excellent coaching look like? It begins with an agenda, overflows with confidence, and ends with both client AND coach gaining satisfaction.

Now is the time to watch yourself in action and reflect on your own approach, your soul searching, how you look for unanswered and unknown questions. Compare yours to the methodology of those coaches you strive to mirror. Where do you climb and where do you falter? Pat yourself on your back for your brilliance, but remember, facing the hard truths of your opportunities is an important step along the path to excellence.

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