The EVIL Coaching Game ????

Recently I gathered with a group of high-level coaches and we played a simple game.

The game of EVIL coaching!

Evil Coaching Game Pumpkins Image


The game is simple, instead of being kind, gentle, and non-advice giving we threw out the playbook.

We coached from our inner asshole, our inner bitch, and our inner jerks.

What emerged was incredible.

Our questions were powerful, the insights we revealed potent, and we had a TON of fun.

And while this isn’t a game I’d recommend to everyone, it taught me something valuable:

Trying to be too ‘good’ as a coach can keep you from being great.

Part of the magic that lies in the question coaches ask, is a willingness to be bad, wrong, and even harsh. Not from arrogance or meanness. But from an incredible belief in the possibility of your clients.

What’s an evil question you might ask yourself today? And how might the answer begin to change everything?



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