What For—Meaning’s Purpose

Things don’t have meaning in and of themselves. Flags are bits of fabric with colors. When you don’t know a language the words are like little squiggles. Until we give things meaning they have no meaning at all.

There’s also no grade, there’s just an action and a result. No one is giving you an A for reaching out to a client or writing a blog post. It’s just you again. Mostly we do JOBS and HOMEWORK because we are scared of getting in trouble or we want a good grade. But when you play the entrepreneur game there’s really no one to get you in trouble. You’re in a class by yourself and you’re teacher and the student. You can get away with not doing any work, after all, are you going to get YOU in trouble?

This can feel like nothingness, unless you give it a meaning. A meaning is a what for – it’s a why you’re doing it, that you make up. You decide the meaning, you do the thing in alignment with that meaning, and you measure the results. Then you can choose again.

The hard part is there is NO meaning outside of what you’ve created, the powerful part is that you create the meaning. This is a power only gods and goddesses have. Use it well.

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