Being A Coach Is An Incredible Honor, Treat It Like One

As coaches, we get invited into the hearts of people’s real life fears, desires, and missions. That’s an enormous responsibility.

This can feel scary and uncertain and it’s why so many stay at the level of “safe” surface based coaching.

Don’t be just another fly by night coach, who gives how to checklists, a pat on the back, and promises “accountability”.

Doing those things is why so many coaches fail by drowning in the sea of mediocrity and redundancy.

However, there is another way to serve with truly skillful deep coaching and authentic honorable enrollment.
It is extraordinarily life-changing.
And you can learn how to do it.

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“Before the Dojo, I had no clients. Afterwards, I have 6 clients and have had a 5 figure month so the progress has been huge. I also get about 5-10 prospect calls a month so I am very pleased.”Kyle Benson

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