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What do I do when a coaching session isn’t going anywhere?

It’s minute twenty of a sixty-minute session and all of a sudden I realize that we’re not really talking about anything. There’s this long silence happening, but not one of those good, deep thoughtful silences. It’s like a silence in the midst of a bad first date. I look up at the time again, twenty-one minutes of a sixty-minute session. How the HELL IS TIME MOVING SO SLOWLY?

Thoughts run through my head as I try to look like I’m being present:

Man, I suck at coaching…

What should I ask next…?   

This dude’s never going to hire me…  Read more

A Simple Guide to Having Your Best Year Ever as a Coach

As you look back on last year you are either bummed, happy, or kind of meh. But that was last year and you’re probably hoping this year will be better. If you’re like me you want this year to be the BEST YEAR EVER.

The best way to create this isn’t by making resolutions or buying a ( 6-figure coaches UNITE in 2019 ) marketing course, but rather by developing simple and powerful practices that will create your year.

If you want to sign more clients, practice creating clients.
If you want to raise your rates, practice having higher rates.
If you want to become a full-time coach, practice being a professional coach.
If you want to become a Master, practice mastery.Read more

Don’t Kill the Baby Chick of Possibility

The other day in our Facebook group I did a Live where I did a bit of coaching about the Drop with the coaches that showed up and asked questions. And in that process I created a little analogy that I think can help you have better coaching session as soon as you get it.

As you leave the Open and enter the Drop, imagine your client hands you a baby phoenix. This fluffy little phoenix chick represents their possibility. Your #1 job as a coach is to keep the chick alive. Easy enough, right?

Well, the thing I haven’t told you is that as soon as you enter the Drop, your client will try to get you to do things that will kill the chick. Mostly they won’t realize what they’re doing, they’ll simply being doing what they always do, since how we show up to coaching is how we show up to everything.

They might say, “HEY, let’s play overwhelm football! CATCH!!” #dead-phoenix

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The 3 Kinds of Shitty Coaching You’re Probably Doing

(OH, they start in the Drop BTW because #series)

You got into coaching because you wanted to help people. On some level this desire was deeply noble. You care about humanity, you care about other people, and you realize that your life means more than moving pixels from one column to another or creating tweets about deodorant all day long.

Of course, deodorant does have a noble background and history… and you can create anything to have a purpose, but I think you get my point.

So there you are, ready to go out and help people, except you’re not really sure how to do it. So maybe you read some books about how to help people, or you take a course. Or maybe you try to help people in the same way someone helped you. (A lot of people who end up coaches start because they got coached by someone.)Read more

Dangerous Coaches Wanted

Coaching that is 10x better doesn’t happen because you’re paying ten times the attention, or because you’re charging ten times as much, or because you’ve coached ten times the number of clients.

A mediocre coach can’t become masterful simply by taking one quality of mastery and doing it ten times as often. But we often think like this:

  • A coach will notice how much silence there is in a Rich Litvin YouTube video and vow to be silent for half a session.
  • A coach will be enthralled by Tony Robbins’s hardcore pushing of his audience members and begin to yell at their clients for NOT DOING THEIR WORK.
  • A coach will be amazed by the simplicity of the Ten Step Executive Development system in a book and begin running all of their clients through it, like pushing meat through a transformation grinder.
  • Read more

A Simple Exercise that Makes You a Better Coach (by making you better at the Drop)

The Drop can seem a bit mysterious sometimes—and I have to admit that from time to time I’m at a loss for words to explain it, teach about it, and help you understand it. Read more

What are the best questions to OPEN YOUR CLIENT UP and find out what they want?

(AKA the Dopest Drop Questions EVERRRRRRR…)


Coaches love questions. We collect them. Admire them. DROOOOOOL OVER THEM.Read more

Coaching on the Drop

Toku riffs on and answers questions about the Drop phase of the coaching conversation, Read more

Mastering “The Drop” as a Coach Is Like Mastering Great Sex as a Human


We named the Drop “the Drop” because it’s hard to discern. It’s a little like great meditation or great sex. When it happens, it’s obvious.Read more

You only need to care about the DROP if you want to be a great coach

Most coaches don’t need to worry about the Drop. Not because the Drop doesn’t happen in a coaching conversation. But because the Drop is built in to their model of coaching.Read more