Capacity vs. Too Much

There are certain amounts of things in us, energy, love, enthusiasm.

The amounts they exist in are simply the amounts they exist in. At some point we get told or we determine that some amount of some things is TOO MUCH or TOO LITTLE and we begin to compensate.

But there is never too much or too little of us, there is just what is in us and what is not.

There is what we have learned to be with and what we haven’t learned to be with. When we’re babies we can’t be in a bath, it’s more water than we can be with, and then we can be with a bath, but not a swimming pool, then maybe yes a pool but not the ocean, then maybe the shore but not the deep.

We can continue to grow what we can be with in the world and in our selves.

There is never too much, only what we have and haven’t developed the capacity to be with.

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