Ego Strength, and the decision on coaching or counseling

Have you wondered where the line is for a client needing coaching, versus needing counseling?

In this special episode, Jesse Johnson, coach and licensed counselor, explains the concept of Ego Strength and how you might use it to determine whether or not you coach a particular client or refer them to a counselor.

More about Jesse:

Jesse Johnson is a coach and licensed counselor based in Portland, Oregon. His coaching career began in athletics where he recruited and developed distance runners at the University of Portland, eventually helping the school with the third-smallest enrollment in Division I take its first visit to the NCAA podium with a 3rd place national team finish in 2014.

A 2008 graduate of Naropa University’s Transpersonal Psychology graduate program, Jesse has had a full private counseling practice for many years, integrating somatic, transpersonal and other experiential modalities that have become a unique foundation for how he approaches his evolving work as a coach.

Jesse’s current coaching focus involves working with highly-invested individuals and groups using equine-based immersion experiences. Drawing from his vast group facilitation experience and the employment of horses, Jesse helps clients uncover and develop critical elements to their expression of integrity and impact in the world.

In addition to his coaching and counseling work, Jesse produces the Supergivers Podcast, a twice-monthly interview series giving platform for folks with creative and inspired examples of service and social consciousness. He and his partner, Clara, have a vibrant young son, August, a dog, two cats, and a good amount of gratitude with which to face each day.


  • Alice
    | Reply

    Thanks for providing some clarity on this common challenge for coaches! Could you speak more to what might “deepening toward wounding” look like?

  • Jesse
    | Reply

    Hi, Alice, what I meant by that phrase is that often times, for me, the therapeutic process is about moving consciousness towards and through the “pain” or the impasse before (and if) we get to tranformation, and maybe integration. As opposed to a coaching session, which might “deepen” as well, towards a connection with vision, potential, etc. Does this help?

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