Marketing and Mastery: Interview with Greg Faxon

Toku sat down with fellow coach and marketing master Greg Faxon for a jam on mastery, marketing, and more!

Here are just a few of the topics they cover in their wide-ranging conversation:

  • The Myth of the Undercover Coach
  • “Marketing can be an act of love” – Marketing as Service
  • How Marketing is like Exercise
  • How really great Marketing can “just come through you”
  • Is your Marketing like pick-up artistry or falling in love?
  • The Three Marketing Archetypes: which one are you?
  • The Three Cs of Marketing: Captivate, Convert, Coach
  • The “Niche-ing Spiral”: the practice of refining your niche

…and much more!


Learn more about Foster Your Roster, Greg’s practice-based, in-person intensive for creating your specific, personal plan for building your roster of coaching clients.

For more on choosing and refining your niche, read Greg’s Ultimate Guide: How To Uncover Your Niche, and Join the Free 5-Day Niche Challenge.

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