What does it mean to be a great coach? – Authenticity

Being authentic is a bit of a trap. The more you try to do it very often the less authentic you end up being.

In trying to be yourself you end up not being yourself, you become a sort of performance of yourself, self-conscious, unsure, and full of doubts and fears.

Your attention is fully on being authentic which makes authenticity nearly impossible.

The challenge is that you imagine your authentic self is powerful, confident, and full of vigor. But that’s not who you are authentically. Who you are authentically is a human being. Full of power, possibility, and brilliance, but also full of insecurity, fear, and sadness.

You are whole and complete, not a pure bright white light of endless goodness.

As a coach, your job is to bring this authenticity with responsibility. If you don’t know where to go with a client you bring that, if you’re unsure, you bring that, if you’re scared, you bring that.

You bring who you are, you use it to serve your client.

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