ODSC Framework #3: The Open – Agreements

This is the third post in the series about the four key parts of an incredible coaching conversation. (See previous: Introduction, The Open – Context)

We’re still discussing the Open, but now we’re shifting the focus to agreements.

Agreements Part 1: the Key 4 Agreements

Do you feel that your ongoing sessions aren’t powerful enough? How strong is the trust between you and your client? Establishing your key agreements helps create a powerful container where anything is possible. In Part 1, Toku dives into the key 4 agreements that allow him to serve his clients best.


Agreements Part 2: Depth + 100%

Are you clear of your intentions and/or purpose of your deep coaching around the physics that rule your client’s life? How do you serve your client when it comes to their depth? In Part 2, Toku explores these two topics and explains their importance—not only to your client, but to yourself as a coach.

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