The #2 Best Way

The second best way for you to learn how to articulate something, to talk about something powerfully, to create a robust model of something, to feel confident in something, is to learn someone else’s language around it.

To study how they talk about it, think about it, define it, and distinguish it.

The best way is to define it yourself . . .

To create your own model from the spare bits you have lying about, to create your own metaphors for it, and to create your own language from the ground up.

It’s scarier and harder, but nothing will help you understand something better than becoming the author of it.

Of course, #2 can really help you do #1, but #2 will never come close to the power and depth #1 has to offer.

If you want to become a master, become a master at creating it like you were the first person to ever discover it.


For coaching, we’ve created a helpful tool for you to practice #2 on your path to #1: The Coaching Canvas. If you haven’t downloaded your copy yet, you can get it HERE.

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