The Fool

According to Jacquelyn Small – “The Fool represents an inner attitude of Divine Innocence, willing to have total faith in the process of living. He casts himself totally — and with gay abandon — into all with which he comes into contact, and redeems whatever he meets.

This quality of Divine Innocence is a form of continual humility in all our relations, which prevents any adversity from causing imbalance. Anything adverse The Fool encounters is brought to the heart of its positive quality with a sense of awe; it is transformed.”

In some ways, the fool is the antithesis of humiliation. The fool can not be humiliated no matter how much someone tries. Because the fool embraces the joyous innocence and silliness of life. The art of silly walking is one way of embodying the archetype of the fool. While we fear feeling humiliated or appearing foolish, The fool takes on the mantle of foolish and wears it like a crown.

It is a way of making art from humiliation and discovering a kind of deep resilience that bolsters us in even the darkest storms. 

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