The Impact of Fantastic Customer Service

I’ve had the same bank for over a decade. This is despite the fact that this bank has no branches where I live, makes certain kinds of money transfers hard to do, and often has a wait to speak with someone on the phone. 

The reason I keep this bank is that every time I talk to someone I feel like a person. They are really helpful. They go above and beyond. When I think about changing banks I feel like I’d be abandoning an old reliable friend. 

This is the power of really good customer service. 

It’s not really about wait times, or fees, or if the call center is in the same country I live in. 

It’s about feeling like a human being who loves their work and cares about you is on the other end of the phone. 

While efficiency is great, there is nothing that can replace the power of a personal human interaction. 

If you’re lucky enough to lead a small team or run a small business, never forget this. 
It’s a hidden strategic advantage that can’t be underestimated.

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