The Practice of Not Choosing | Removing Choice

We sometimes think that having a choice gives us freedom, but sometimes we use having a choice as a way to hide, to avoid, we pretend to have a choice so we don’t have to choose what would really shift us, and help us to grow. 

It’s like having a gym membership you never use, or kale in your fridge you never eat. Sure you don’t work out, sure you’re eating a burger, but you have a membership so you COULD choose to workout, you have the kale you COULD choose to eat. It’s the bastard cousin of real choice and freedom. The illusion of freedom as a salve that makes you a slave. 

When you see this it’s time for the practice of not choosing. You simply remove the choice you always make. If you have kale in the fridge you eat it, if you think about the gym or wonder if you should go, you go, even if you just have one bite or just walk in the door of the gym. You choose to make one choice until you develop a deep feeling of having true choice. Of being with choice beyond resistance. 

Then when you feel it’s right, you can let go of the practice knowing you have now developed true choice.

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