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ODSC Framework #14: The Shift – The Commit

Are you setting up opportunities for your client to make a powerful choice, a powerful commitment?

Toku shares three tools for setting up the opportunity for your client to make that powerful decision: the Energetic commitment, the Structural commitment, and the “In the Moment”/Take Action commitment.

Use these in your coaching conversations or your proposal conversations… any time you want to use choice and commitment as a lever to help create a powerful shift.

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ODSC Framework #13: The Shift – The Transform

Today’s lesson is about another technique of the Shift: the Transform.

While the actual transformation happens on the client side, coaches facilitate this transformation by applying two variables in the coaching container: pressure and release. Toku digs into some strategies on how and when to apply each of these variables, and what happens when you move between them.

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ODSC Framework #12: The Shift – The Reveal

In this post, Toku discusses one of the three common techniques coaches use to create the shift: the Reveal.

Where are you on the continuum of the Reveal? At the “open question and curiosity” end, or at the “giving a read” end? And what might happen if you play a bit in the other end of that spectrum? Or find a place somewhere in the middle?

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Coaches Rising Podcast: Transformative Enrollment

Moving Beyond Yes or No.

Mastercoach Toku McCree talks proposals, commitment and sealing the deal with Joel Monk on the amazing Coaches Rising Podcast.

Key Points:

  • The last 10% of the sales conversation is where the real opportunity lies.
  • Leaving clients “at the alter”.
  • Why is talking about money so difficult? Why is this the moment when our client needs us most?
  • Don’t settle for “No” – Getting a commitment even without a sale.
  • Enrollment is NOT about perfection, but practice.
  • The balance between our inner Monk and our inner Panther.
  • And even more!

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ODSC Framework #11: The Shift – Creating the Shift

In this post, we “shift” our focus from the Drop to the next phase of the ODSC framework, the Shift.

Are you looking for ways to create a more powerful shift in your coaching conversations? Do you want optimize this technique to find the root problem that your client has? Toku shares a few key points he uses to achieve that optimization.

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ODSC Framework #10: The Drop (Final) – The Right Place to Drop

Continuing with our ODSC video series, our fourth and final lesson on The Drop.

Do you only have clients that tend to have a lot of problems and also keep coming back to the same concerns because they never seem to get resolved? Slowing down and finding the right place to drop can change everything.

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ODSC Framework #9: The Drop – Don’t Believe Your Clients

Continuing with our ODSC video series, our third lesson on The Drop.

Do you feel that you can’t go deeper than the surface with your clients? Or do you find the topics you coach around are interesting but not as valuable? Toku explores why that happens and how you can work around it in order to serve your clients more powerfully.

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ODSC Framework #8: The Drop – Zoomin’ In and Out

Continuing with our ODSC video series, here’s the second lesson on The Drop.

Are you looking for new techniques to start your coaching conversation, to ensure that your client feels that the session is actually very powerful? Toku shares two ways you can focus on this element in order to optimize your experience with your client.

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ODSC Framework #7: The Drop – What’s It All About?

In this post about the four key parts of an incredible coaching conversation, we’re transitioning out of Part 1: The Open, and into Part 2: The Drop.

Do people seem to enjoy a session with you but they never get to the point of hiring you? Do your clients try to run away or lock up when it’s time to talk about money? One reason could be that you’re not handling the second phase of the framework, the Drop, as artfully as you could.

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ODSC Framework #6: The Open – Creating Awe

This is our sixth post in the series about the four key parts of an incredible coaching conversation, and the last segment focusing on an aspect of The Open. (See previous: Introduction, The Open – Context, The Open – Agreements, The Open – Building Rapport, The Open – Bad Coach Distortion.)

In this last section about The Open we’re focusing on creating awe.

Do you feel that your coaching is pretty good but you’re still finding yourself working really hard as a coach, always wrangling your clients? Do you wonder how you can do better? In this segment, Toku explores the energy and container component around the art of awe, which you can create to really captivate your audience.