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ODSC Framework #27 – The Close – What Is the Close?

Another place you might be “leaving your clients at the altar” is when your Close is not effective…

This can lead to frustration for you as the coach, because you don’t seem to be able to help your client achieve Shifts that stick. Your client achieves powerful insights in sessions but doesn’t seem to take action on them. You and your client end up rehashing the same work over and over. You both become frustrated at the lack of progress. And you may even decide to stop working together.

In this first episode of Part 4 of the ODSC Series, Toku explains what the Close is, why it’s so important, and sets the stage for a deeper discussion of Close techniques coming in subsequent videos.

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Origin Story: How the Dojo Began

We didn’t get bitten by a radioactive spider to create the Dojo, and that’s exactly the point. Because becoming better as a coach isn’t superhuman. The Dojo grew out of our love of coaching, our willingness to ask really simple but challenging questions, and our refusal to give up until we found the answers.

If you’re at the beginning and you’ve got lots of questions about coaching and what it means to be a coach, or if you keep seeking answers to questions you’ve been asking as a coach for many years, the Dojo might just be the right place for you.

Check out our origin story, or write your own.


ODSC Framework #26: The Shift – More Than a Shift

One of the most important things you can give to your client is the understanding that it’s not just about a Shift. Sure, these insights can be powerful and important… but insights alone are not enough. As Toku’s Zen Master used to say, “Insight and $2.50 will get you a cup of coffee.” What he meant was this: insight alone will not create change.

In today’s video, Toku discusses how to give your client that understanding, so the Shifts you help them create dive deep into your client’s being, and extend out into your client’s life.


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ODSC Framework #25: The Shift – What’s Valuable?

Do you find yourself doing really powerful, deep work with your clients, but they’re just not connecting that powerful, deep work to what they consider valuable… which means they don’t end up seeing the value in the work you’re doing together?

If you haven’t set the context around value in the Open or the Drop (or you’ve changed subject in the Shift away from what you’ve already provided context for), it’s important to find out what’s at stake for the client, and connect it to the Shift they’re  experiencing now. Toku explains more in today’s video:

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ODSC Framework #24: The Shift – Shifts with Context

Many of you may be successful in creating a single Shift in a session, but then struggle when trying to tie that shift to continuing work. This happens a lot in enrollment conversations, when you’ve had some success in facilitating Shift, but the potential client can’t envision what’s next when working with you: “I’m doing a lot of powerful work, but my clients just don’t get it,” or “They don’t see how valuable the work is. We had a great session, but they say they don’t need me any more.”

The challenge, and point of practice, is learning how to place the Shift that’s happening in the moment into a larger context… one that deepens that Shift further into their being, or extends it further into other areas of their lives.

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ODSC Framework #23: The Shift – Klaus & Inner Buddha

Just as Toku’s last video described the tension between facilitative coaching and deep coaching, and how to combine both of these together to create Shift, today’s video talks about two different states of your being as a coach, and how the best opportunities from Shift are when we integrate the intuition of our inner selves with the coaching tools and techniques we’ve learned.

Get ready to be introduced to “Inner Buddha” and “Klaus”… two characters that are part of Toku’s being as coach…

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ODSC Framework #22: The Shift – Facilitation vs. Depth

Facilitative coaching is done around ideas and goals, and is focused on achieving a certain result (the “doing” work).

Deep coaching is done around feelings and values and beliefs, and concentrates on states of being (the “being” work).

The most transformative coaching requires both: focus on goals and ideas and doing, and focus on being.

“But how do I integrate these two models of coaching when they seem so different, with such different outcomes?” you may be asking. “How do I mix them so that my clients aren’t getting lost, and I’m creating the most powerful and effective shifts for my clients?”

Toku talks about the tension between these approaches, and how to best combine them:

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ODSC Framework #21: The Shift – Using Embodiment

Are your clients experiencing Shift – but only at the level of the head? Are they only experiencing new thoughts or ideas, and missing the truly powerful experiences – the being experiences – that create true and lasting Shifts?

In this video, Toku explains the concept of embodiment, lists a bunch of examples, and shows one technique to create and anchor these deeper Shifts.

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ODSC Framework #20: The Shift – Letting Things Land

Do you feel confident you’re doing great coaching, but maybe clients aren’t hiring you?

Or do you feel unsure about how impactful your sessions really are, about whether or not you’re creating powerful shifts for your clients?

In the Dojo, often times the Sensei see that the Samurai coaches ARE creating powerful shifts, but they’re not spending time letting the client experience them, and are instead just jumping off and moving to the next thing.

In today’s ODSC video, Toku talks about the importance of letting things land, and how to give that space for the Shift to deepen in the client’s experience… and your own.

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ODSC Framework #19: The Shift – Highlighting

“Am I creating Shift?” That’s a common question and common struggle for coaches who are challenged by this phase of the coaching conversation.

In the previous ODSC video, Toku talked about the desire for a process to follow to assure that a Shift is happening for the client, and how knowing where you’re going, and the context of the conversation for you as coach, and them as client, is an important component for helping facilitate Shift.

This session, Toku “highlights” one of several tools that can help draw attention to The Shift: Highlighting.

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