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ODSC Framework #19: The Shift – Highlighting

“Am I creating Shift?” That’s a common question and common struggle for coaches who are challenged by this phase of the coaching conversation.

In the previous ODSC video, Toku talked about the desire for a process to follow to assure that a Shift is happening for the client, and how knowing where you’re going, and the context of the conversation for you as coach, and them as client, is an important component for helping facilitate Shift.

This session, Toku “highlights” one of several tools that can help draw attention to The Shift: Highlighting.

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ODSC Framework #18: The Shift – Knowing Where You’re Going

Do you hunger for a clear, step-by-step process to lead you through the process of creating The Shift?

Perhaps it’s not that you’re looking for a specific process to follow, but that you’re unclear about the direction of the conversation. You can paddle with the best of them, but it won’t help you get where you need to go if you don’t know where to point the boat…

Instead of following a formula, take a few moments to get clear on the context of the conversation and where it’s going, for yourself and your client. Toku helps navigate these waters in this segment of the ODSC Framework.

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ODSC Framework #17: The Shift – Where Does It End?

What if your client is clear on where they want to go, but they seem to lack motivation to get there? Or they’re not excited about their commitment to that direction? Like they’re not enrolled in their own life?

Last time we looked at how a “point of origin” might be the place to dive deeper… and this time we’re focusing on the opposite: creating a compelling ending for a particular phase (what happens when it ends?), or a powerful vision of what comes after (what happens after this particular journey comes to an end?).

Toku discusses several different strategies for helping a client look at endings and create with them an opportunity for a powerful Shift.

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ODSC Framework #16: The Shift – Where Does It Come From?

Are you struggling to see the Shift with some of your clients? Do you feel like you (and they) never getting to the underlying issue? Are they not following through on their commitments? Are they unsatisfied with the results of your work together? Are YOU unsatisfied?

If so, you might not be getting to the underlying issue, and without that, your client will struggle to feel the Shift. In this next ODSC video, Toku talks about finding the “point of origin” for a belief or mental structure or mindset, and using that to help facilitate the Shift in your client.

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ODSC Framework #15: The Shift – Creating Ownership – Acceptance

Another interesting strategy you can employ around the Shift is the interplay between Ownership and Acceptance.

In this video, Toku talks about the dynamic between these two concepts, and how to create Acceptance that leads to Ownership, or perhaps instead, Ownership that leads to Acceptance.

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ODSC Framework #14: The Shift – The Commit

Are you setting up opportunities for your client to make a powerful choice, a powerful commitment?

Toku shares three tools for setting up the opportunity for your client to make that powerful decision: the Energetic commitment, the Structural commitment, and the “In the Moment”/Take Action commitment.

Use these in your coaching conversations or your proposal conversations… any time you want to use choice and commitment as a lever to help create a powerful shift.

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ODSC Framework #13: The Shift – The Transform

Today’s lesson is about another technique of the Shift: the Transform.

While the actual transformation happens on the client side, coaches facilitate this transformation by applying two variables in the coaching container: pressure and release. Toku digs into some strategies on how and when to apply each of these variables, and what happens when you move between them.

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ODSC Framework #12: The Shift – The Reveal

In this post, Toku discusses one of the three common techniques coaches use to create the shift: the Reveal.

Where are you on the continuum of the Reveal? At the “open question and curiosity” end, or at the “giving a read” end? And what might happen if you play a bit in the other end of that spectrum? Or find a place somewhere in the middle?

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Coaches Rising Podcast: Transformative Enrollment

Moving Beyond Yes or No.

Mastercoach Toku McCree talks proposals, commitment and sealing the deal with Joel Monk on the amazing Coaches Rising Podcast.

Key Points:

  • The last 10% of the sales conversation is where the real opportunity lies.
  • Leaving clients “at the alter”.
  • Why is talking about money so difficult? Why is this the moment when our client needs us most?
  • Don’t settle for “No” – Getting a commitment even without a sale.
  • Enrollment is NOT about perfection, but practice.
  • The balance between our inner Monk and our inner Panther.
  • And even more!

Learn more about the truth of successful and transformative sales with Toku & Joel. Read more

ODSC Framework #11: The Shift – Creating the Shift

In this post, we “shift” our focus from the Drop to the next phase of the ODSC framework, the Shift.

Are you looking for ways to create a more powerful shift in your coaching conversations? Do you want optimize this technique to find the root problem that your client has? Toku shares a few key points he uses to achieve that optimization.

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