Coaching on the Drop

Toku riffs on and answers questions about the Drop phase of the coaching conversation, focused on the idea of the Drop becoming a “clearing for possibility”: creating a space for possibility to be present for the client.

And throws in a few Dad jokes…


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  • David Block
    | Reply

    I really wasn’t making “dad jokes”. I was attempting to play with words to make several observations. I may or may not have succeeded.

    For example, in
    I was using the word “hole” with the same meaning, in different contexts, referencing a coaching cliche’. It seemed to make sense (to me, at least) in the context in which I posted the comment.

    That’s just a homophonic play on a mathematical cliche’ which seemed (again, to me) appropriate at the time.

    A dropped call, of course, is when we lose connection with the other person. A play on the word drop, again, to make a point.

    I attempted to make observations, in what I hoped might be a clever way to do so by playing with words. The cleverness, of course, is in the eye of the beholder, and it is entirely possible that I did not succeed.

    I admit that I do tell a lot of what are now referred to as “dad jokes.” None of my comments were meant to be “dad jokes” in and of themselves. They were meant to carry meaning in context. If the meaning did not reveal itself, well, I guess that’s on me.

    • SCD Team
      | Reply

      We appreciate how you engaged in the call, David. We like wordplay and dad jokes, and the cross between them. The term is one of endearment, not judgment. 🙂

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