Interpretation (success/failure) vs Investigation

What worked, what didn’t, what’s next?

We like to play the success/failure game. It’s simple and gives us the emotional hit of arrogance or shame which our ego loves to feast on. But success and failure are just interpretations. If we look, there’s always something that works, something that doesn’t, and the possibility of next time. When you can let go of the interpretation you can discover something new in each moment of practice whether or not you decide it was a success or a failure.

The Critical parent, the loving parent, the adult, the adaptive child, the free child – This is a concept from a certain branch of psychology, but we don’t need to get bogged down in the theory. For now, you’re noticing that you can hear the critical parent quite clearly and are able to get space. This might also be a time to see if you can listen for and hear the voice of the loving parent as well.

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