Life: Put Down, Take On, Heal, Transform

Everything we face in life goes in one of these columns, you put down what we’re done with, what needs to be pruned so we can focus on the healthy branches of life, you take on things that scare you or challenge you, things that will increase your integrity and well-being, you heal the past, your wounds, your soul fractures, the places in you that call for love and tenderness, you transform the parts of your life that you choose, yourself, your relationships, and the areas you’re committed to. 

Sometimes in life, we encounter things that are in breakdown, relationships, organizations, communities, and spaces. When we do it’s important to choose one of these 4. If you choose one of these four a lot of things are possible. You can put down relationships and ways of being that aren’t working or you can transform them into something healthy. You can take on a challenge and heal the past along the way. Or you can put down a challenge that won’t serve and heal the pain that arises. 

The danger is when we do none of these. When we HANG ON, when we survive, when we avoid, blame, and become a victim to our lives. From that moment we are simply dying, because to survive as a human is to die. Because that’s where we are headed. 

If we choose these four we step into life, whether we have one day to live or a hundred. 

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