ODSC Framework #14: The Shift – The Commit

Are you setting up opportunities for your client to make a powerful choice, a powerful commitment?

Toku shares three tools for setting up the opportunity for your client to make that powerful decision: the Energetic commitment, the Structural commitment, and the “In the Moment”/Take Action commitment.

Use these in your coaching conversations or your proposal conversations… any time you want to use choice and commitment as a lever to help create a powerful shift.


(See also the previous posts in this series: Introduction, The Open – Context, The Open – Agreements, The Open – Building Rapport, The Open – Bad Coach Distortion, The Open – Creating Awe, The Drop – What’s it All About?, The Drop – Zoomin’ In and Out, The Drop – Don’t Believe Your Clients, The Drop – The Right Place, The Shift – Creating the Shift, The Shift – The Reveal, and The Shift – The Transform.)

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