ODSC Framework #22: The Shift – Facilitation vs. Depth

Facilitative coaching is done around ideas and goals, and is focused on achieving a certain result (the “doing” work).

Deep coaching is done around feelings and values and beliefs, and concentrates on states of being (the “being” work).

The most transformative coaching requires both: focus on goals and ideas and doing, and focus on being.

“But how do I integrate these two models of coaching when they seem so different, with such different outcomes?” you may be asking. “How do I mix them so that my clients aren’t getting lost, and I’m creating the most powerful and effective shifts for my clients?”

Toku talks about the tension between these approaches, and how to best combine them:

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ODSC Framework #20: The Shift – Letting Things Land

Do you feel confident you’re doing great coaching, but maybe clients aren’t hiring you?

Or do you feel unsure about how impactful your sessions really are, about whether or not you’re creating powerful shifts for your clients?

In the Dojo, often times the Sensei see that the Samurai coaches ARE creating powerful shifts, but they’re not spending time letting the client experience them, and are instead just jumping off and moving to the next thing.

In today’s ODSC video, Toku talks about the importance of letting things land, and how to give that space for the Shift to deepen in the client’s experience… and your own.

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ODSC Framework #19: The Shift – Highlighting

“Am I creating Shift?” That’s a common question and common struggle for coaches who are challenged by this phase of the coaching conversation.

In the previous ODSC video, Toku talked about the desire for a process to follow to assure that a Shift is happening for the client, and how knowing where you’re going, and the context of the conversation for you as coach, and them as client, is an important component for helping facilitate Shift.

This session, Toku “highlights” one of several tools that can help draw attention to The Shift: Highlighting.

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ODSC Framework #14: The Shift – The Commit

Are you setting up opportunities for your client to make a powerful choice, a powerful commitment?

Toku shares three tools for setting up the opportunity for your client to make that powerful decision: the Energetic commitment, the Structural commitment, and the “In the Moment”/Take Action commitment.

Use these in your coaching conversations or your proposal conversations… any time you want to use choice and commitment as a lever to help create a powerful shift.

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ODSC Framework #11: The Shift – Creating the Shift

In this post, we “shift” our focus from the Drop to the next phase of the ODSC framework, the Shift.

Are you looking for ways to create a more powerful shift in your coaching conversations? Do you want optimize this technique to find the root problem that your client has? Toku shares a few key points he uses to achieve that optimization.

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ODSC Framework #7: The Drop – What’s It All About?

In this post about the four key parts of an incredible coaching conversation, we’re transitioning out of Part 1: The Open, and into Part 2: The Drop.

Do people seem to enjoy a session with you but they never get to the point of hiring you? Do your clients try to run away or lock up when it’s time to talk about money? One reason could be that you’re not handling the second phase of the framework, the Drop, as artfully as you could.

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Articles on The Power of Practice

One of the things I love to do is read up on the Power Of Practice. Below are some of my favorite articles on this subject.

Harvard Business Review: “The Making of an Expert”

Business Insider – “A top psychologist says there’s only one way to become the best in your field — but not everyone agrees”

eLearning Industry – “7 Gold Standards Of Deliberate Practice: Why Max Verstappen Has No Talent”
https://elearningindustry.com/7-gold-standards-deliberate-practiceRead more

Where Do You Find Clients? (Video)

Honorable Enrollment Video #3

Toku shares: “Coaches tell me all the time: I don’t know where to find clients. Here’s how I’ve learned to create a mindset that reveals opportunities for service everywhere you go.”

Creating a Powerful Context (Video)

Honorable Enrollment Video #1

This is the first of a series of videos all about uncovering the incredible opportunities to serve your prospects during the enrollment process.

Toku shares a video about why it’s essential to define what motivates you in order to create a strong foundation for serving and enrolling clients.

How To Fill Your Calendar With Prospects

Here are the keys to how I’ve filled my calendar consistently with potential clients over the past couple of years.

PHASE 1 :: Build Foundational Skills

1. Practice Connecting –
Start by learning how to connect, how to ask great questions, be curious, be interested instead of interesting and make people feel comfortable. Focus solely on this for a week or two, focus on just connecting with everyone you meet paying close attention to what works and what doesn’t.

2. Practice Invitations –
Always be practicing invitations because it’s a skill. As you connect with people, always be ready to ask them, “What’s your biggest challenge right now?” . . . then listen deeply and ask a few questions to open up space for an invitation. Do this with everyone, Uber drivers, friends on Facebook, everyone. Learning to help people feel felt and heard makes inviting easier so focus totally on practicing invitations. Not just to coaching, but to everything. The movies, a seat on the subway, whatever – immerse yourself in it. Read more